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TTi™ 2000 Colorimeter (M-2000)

Kit Number: M-2000

The TTi™ 2000 Colorimeter from Taylor Technologies offers water analysts reliable results plus a variety of features to maximize your productivity. This handheld, multiwavelength, microprocessor-controlled, menu-driven, direct-readout instrument employs LED light sources. Its portability and data-logging capabilities make it well suited for use at regulated pools and by service technicians.

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WiseLAB for Web Chemistry (K-0200)

Kit Number: K-0200

Computerized water analysis with FAS-DPD for sanitizer testing and the liquid reagents you've come to trust for testing water balance factors.

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Counterlab Rx 2

Kit Number: K-0206

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Pool Inspector Kit (K-2005)

Kit Number: K-2005

Tests for Free & Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid & Base Demand, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid.

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Complete & Service Complete Kits with FAS-DPD

Kit Number: K-2006

With an FAS-DPD titration you can read free and combined chlorine directly, without subtraction; measure these levels as low as 0.2 ppm and as high as 20 ppm; and eliminate color-matching pinks. Using FAS-DPD to monitor bromine is similarly advantageous.

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Chlorine (free, combined & total) Drop Test Kit

Kit Number: K-1515

Tests free, combined and total chlorine with titration and drop test.

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Kit Number: K-1518

Same as K-1515 with 2 oz. reagents except 1 drop = 0.2 ppm only (reads free chlorine to 10 ppm), plus includes test to distinguish monopersulfate shock using Deox Reagent FAS-DPD.

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Sodium Chloride (salt water) Test

Kit Number: K-1766

1 drop = 200 ppm

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Taylor's QAC & Polyquat Test Kits (K-1582)

Kit Number: K-1582

Drop test for high QAC & polyquat levels (using direct neutralization); 1 drop = 10 or 25 ppm QAC, 1 drop = 3.5 or 9 ppm polyquat.

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Phosphate Drop Test

Kit Number: K-1106

K-1106 (PC) 0-1000 ppb

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Pocket Tester Pen (6555)

Kit Number: 6555

The ease of use and portability of Myron L's ULTRAPEN PT1 make it an ideal choice for measuring electrical conductivity, TDS, and salinity. Simply press a button and then dip the pen into a solution. Within seconds the results are displayed. This rugged, shock- resistant pen is designed to work in a variety of water applications. The PT1 offers an accuracy of ±1% of reading, automatic temperature compensation, and auto-ranging. It uses a 1.5 V N-type, alkaline battery, which is included.

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Kit Number: 6190

Using this new tool, you won't need to flick off the excess water to get the meniscus to rest precisely on the fill line.

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Kit Number: 9265

This palmsize, portable magnetic stirrer will thoroughly incorporate each addition of reagent in a fraction of a second. No more manual swirling!

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