Counterlab Rx 2

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Latest edition of this tool for in-store testing projects professionalism while keeping the queue moving. Employs the same reagents as our best-selling Service Complete field test kits, for results you can safely base treatment decisions on.

With its small footprint (18" wide x 9" deep) the Counterlab Rx 2™ (K-0206) is "just the prescription" for retailers with limited counter space in their water-testing station. Nevertheless, the latest generation of the Rx liquid-reagent lab makes an impressive display for customers. Its powder-coated aluminum base houses everything you need to determine whether your customer's water is properly sanitized and chemically balanced. To order hardware only (no reagents), use K-0206-HP.
  1. FAS-DPD Powder sanitizer test (with Unit Dose Dispenser™) To convert to all-liquid DPD test, order separately R-0001-C, R-0002-C, comparator adapter 6582, and comparator 9056 (high range) or 9057 (low range)
  2. pH test with acid & base demand supplemental tests
  3. printed-color plate for pH test
  4. total alkalinity test
  5. calcium hardness test
  6. optional pipet to speed up hardness test
  7. cyanuric acid reagent (stores inside lab)
  8. CYA test cylinder
  9. DI water for rinsing (stores inside lab)
  10. modified SpeedStir® magnetic stirrer
  11. Gepe Slim Lite™ daylight simulator
  12. 2 SampleSizer® measuring tools
  13. color-coded test instructions
  14. Watergram® Water Balance Calculator
  15. testing & treatment guide
  16. AC power adapters