Taylor's Test Kits for Commercial & Institutional Laundries / Washrooms (K-1616)

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For testing water hardness, bleach strength, sour rinse pH, and more.

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For testing water hardness, bleach strength, sour rinse pH, and more, Taylor Technologies has what you need. With the accurate results obtained using our products, problems in water quality can be identified easily, allowing for the necessary adjustments to be made. The final outcome - optimized laundry results, improved equipment efficiency, and a reduced impact on the environment.

Taylor manufactures several combination kits as well as single-analyte kits to meet the needs of laundry operators. Kits come complete with all necessary reagents and equipment.

Alkalinity: drop test for P/T alkalinity; 1 drop = 100 ppm Na2O; Chlorine: visual determination (spot test on rinse water or cloth using OT) for total chlorine; yellow color indicates chlorine; Chlorine (bleach): drop test (iodometric) for free chlorine; 1 drop = 0.05 or 0.5% chlorine (as Cl2) Hardness: drop test (using EDTA) for total hardness; 1 drop = 1 gpg CaCO3; Iron: visual determination (spot test using tripyridyl-s-triazine) for total iron; purple colour indicates iron; pH: test paper; 1-14, 3-8, 9-12