Taylor's Nitrite Test Kit (K-1510)

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Drop test for nitrates (ceric oxidation of nitrite method); 1 drop = 40 ppm NaNO2

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Sodium nitrite-base treatments are commonly used to establish a protective film on ferrous metal surfaces in closed cooling water systems and boilers. Cooling water may contain sodium nitrite as high as 1000 ppm, while boiler water may contain up to 1500 ppm.

To reduce treatment program costs, nitrite is often blended with molybdenum in closed cooling water systems. Taylor offers a molybdenum test (K-1805 or K-1805P) for monitoring these systems, but users should be aware levels of nitrite over 800 ppm may negatively interfere with the molybdenum test. In these cases, dilute the sample with demineralized water that is molybdenum- and nitrite-free. Alternatively, you can test the nitrite residual instead, using the K-1563.

Taylor's drop-count and buret titrations for monitoring sodium nitrite use either the permanganate method or the ceric oxidation of nitrite method (commonly called the "CAN" method). In cooling systems treated with glycol antifreeze, the "CAN" method must be used to prevent test interference.

This kit uses the ceric oxidation of nitrite method.

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