Taylor's Phosphonate Test Kits (K-1583)

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Drop test for ATMP, Na5ATMP, HEDP, K6HDTMP, DTPMP and Na5DTPMP.

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Aminotri (methylenephosphonic acid) or ATMP and five other phosphonates (Na5ATMP, HEDP, K6HDTMP, DTPMP, Na5DTPMP) may be determined titrimetrically using thorium nitrate and xylenol orange indicator. Fluoride is masked in the procedure to prevent interference. As with all titrations, the reading is taken at the first permanent colour change, which in this case is a purple-pink endpoint.

Phosphonates (also known as organophosphates and phosphonic acids) find wide application in industrial water treatment because of their ability to inhibit scale, sequester undesirable metals, control corrosion, and disperse particulate matter. For example, phosphonates are commonly used in cooling tower water treatment, boiler cleaning, industrial cleaning product formulations, vehicle wash formulations, and the manufacture of textiles and paper pulp.

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