WiseLAB for Web Chemistry (K-0200)

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Computerized water analysis with FAS-DPD for sanitizer testing and the liquid reagents you've come to trust for testing water balance factors.

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The WiseLAB® for Wet Chemistry (K-0200) employs familiar Taylor liquid reagents for testing pH, acid and base demand, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid stabilizer, as well as the FAS-DPD method for determining chlorine and bromine levels. Built of 18-gauge, powder-coated aluminum for long life, the countertop lab features programming by Wise Software.

The innovative "reagent garage" keeps uncapped reagents fresh during the workday and neatly arranged.

Lighted prompts and screen messages guide the user. You can make adjustments to the water analysis program; store customer information; create a shopping list based on your choice of branded treatment products or the generic equivalents; and completely personalize the printout for your business.

Install the taylorwise™ Water Analysis Software (9003) on an existing PC-with-printer in your water-testing station.

Note: the taylorwise™ software is purchased separately. See page 27 of our Commercial Catalogue.