Taylor's QAC & Polyquat Test Kits (K-1582)

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Drop test for high QAC & polyquat levels (using direct neutralization); 1 drop = 10 or 25 ppm QAC, 1 drop = 3.5 or 9 ppm polyquat.

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Quaternary ammonium compounds, often referred to as "quats" and appreviated as QAC, and their structurally longer cousins the polyquats are nonoxidizing biocides.

In commercial and industrial water treatment programs they are widely used to control algae, bacteria, and fungi in open recirculating water systems (e.g. cooling towers and evaporative condensers). They interfere with cell membrane function, which eventually causes the organism to die. These surface-active chemicals may be used in combination with other microbial control agents, such as chlorine.

Determination is based upon direct neutralization of the QAC or polyquat.

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